Bento was created in mid-2016 with the aim to deliver carefully curated cannabis products to discerning California clientele with world-class customer service. By this time, we knew that the Amizonification of consumer behavior was in full flight and that last mile retail would ultimately prove to be the preferred means of getting recreational and medical cannabis. Existing cannabis delivery services were unprofessional, unreliable and had inconsistent supply chains. We were determined to win by putting our whole hearts into both sourcing the finest Northern California cannabis products and nurturing the entire customer experience from discovery, through the decision making process, hitting all delivery logistics, and maximizing our touchpoints with our clients to ensure that each product has our enthusiastic Bento stamp of approval behind it. Over half a million deliveries later, we are proud to say Bento has established unequaled trust with its loyal clients and continues to grow both as a cannabis retailer as well as a portal for your cannabis lifestyle.