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About Apex Extractions

Apex Extractions was founded in 2017, setting a high standard of quality products at affordable prices for the budding cannabis industry in California. As one of the first licensed cannabis operations in the state, Apex is made up of a team of industry veterans firmly rooted in preserving and expanding the wellness properties of cannabis for everyone. To meet these ends, Apex focuses on potent Pure Spectrum™ extracts that capture the plant's essence for a marketplace that demands it.

Apex’s unique extraction process serves as the foundation of its operation. Firmly dedicated to getting the most out of every extraction, the Apex team constantly seeks to tweak and improve their methods. They remain open to experimentation, reassessing, and adapting the process with each new batch of cannabis. The goal is always to provide the cleanest, purest extract without stripping away the plant’s unique cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Free of harmful impurities and always bursting with flavor, Apex extracts are available in over 150 California retail spaces. No extra terpenes, flavor additives, or cheap distillate to artificially boost potency. Cannabis oils bearing the Apex name come straight from the source plant.

Products Types Offered

Apex Extractions PureSpectrum Extracts: A pure cannabis concentrate, no distillate or terpenes added, ready to dab at your convenience. Each extract from Apex’s library of strain-specific products captures the flavor and effect profile of the original strain without compromising potency. These concentrates are available in Indica, Sativa Hybrid, and Hybrid.

Apex Extractions Vape Cartridges: From a vast library of strain-specific cannabis oils, Apex cartridges contain a full spectrum of flavors and effects from single-origin Live Resin. Available in 510-threaded cartridges for easy access to delectable flavor on the go.

Apex Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls: Merging premium flower from leading cultivators with pure THCa diamonds from Apex Extractions. Expertly rolled for a smooth smoke with even, well-ratioed flower hits and extract in every puff. Pre-rolls are available in 0.5G and 1G singles.

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Apex Extractions License Number: CDPH-10002456


How should I store my Apex cartridge?

When not in use, keep oil cartridges by Apex Extractions upright and away from high temperatures.

How should I store my Apex extract?

If you go without using your extract for an extended period, store it in a refrigerator with a tightly sealed lid. Letting your extract thaw for roughly 5 minutes before taking another dab is standard practice.

What sets Apex Extractions apart from other brands?

Apex takes great pride in making premium cannabis concentrates affordable and easy to access. The expert extractors at Apex work closely with seasoned cultivation partners to capture the plant’s full spectrum of flavors and effects. From there, they make a pure, potent cannabis concentrate and sell it at an exceptional price.

How do I know which Apex product is right for me?

Cannabis is a uniquely versatile plant, affecting each user differently. Two people could smoke the same flower or hit the same vape and have two different experiences. Products from Apex Extractions are made to adapt to the needs of each individual and their cannabis lifestyle. Which Apex product you choose depends on the type of experience you’re looking to get out of cannabis.

Finding the right Apex extract will require some experimentation for most users. Start with moderate doses of the product you’re testing out until you land on an experience that suits you best.

What’s the difference between Apex Diamond pre-rolls and other infused joints on the market?

Infused pre-rolls have become a flagship product of the California cannabis market in recent years. Most infused joints contain flower as a base, then boosted with distillate, live resin, THCa diamonds, or kief. Most infused joints offer some combination of these concentrates. Many are dipped in distillate and powdered with a layer of kief on the outside. Apex Extractions infused pre-rolls include flower and THCa diamonds only. This simple combination is no less profound, offering a winning ratio of premium cannabis products for a reliable, quality experience.