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About Heavy Hitters

Anyone who rolls in California cannabis circles will know the name Heavy Hitters. Founded in Los Angeles, Heavy Hitters is a family-owned and run operation and remains the connoisseur’s choice for high-potency cannabis vapes in California. And though their name is most synonymous with heavy highs and tasty terps in a 510-threaded vape cart, the brand has expanded its reach to include all-in-one disposable vapes, pre-rolls, gummies, tinctures, live resin concentrates, and beverages. No matter which Heavy Hitters product you choose, you can rest assured you’re getting something “ultra pure” and “ultra-potent.”

Heavy Hitters works only with expert farmers who carefully handle their bud, using only the most thoroughly tested ingredients to make a pure distillate that meets California’s high safety standards. In addition to distillate-based cartridges, Heavy Hitters now offers 100% live resin carts bursting with the unique flavor and terpene profiles of each harvested strain.

Live resin has become incredibly popular in the cannabis market’s vape sector because it offers a full spectrum of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, which means a greater concentration of the experience Mother Nature intended. And ultra potency is made possible by premium cannabis.

Heavy Hitters' live resin carts are exclusively made from the season’s best crops, offering more complex highs and flavors without sacrificing the standard of potency for which the brand is best known.

Product Types Offered

Heavy Hitters Ultra Concentrate: It contains 95% THC vape cartridges made with cannabis-derived terpenes.

Available in 1G Cartridges

Heavy Hitters Full Spectrum Live Resin Vape: The vape holds 100% live resin to offer the complete spectrum of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes for the ultimate flavor and effect. Resins are always extracted from the season’s freshest crops.

Available in 0.5G Cartridges

Heavy Hitters 483 Live Resin Cartridge: The cartridge celebrates the 483 compounds identified in the cannabis plant. It contains a rich blend of cannabis-derived terpenes and ultra-pure Heavy Hitters distillate.

Available in 1G Cartridges

Heavy Hitters 100% Live Rosin Cartridge: It contains pure solventless live rosin sourced from fresh frozen California flower and made from small-batch, ice water hash. A hit of the cartridge delivers a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes for unbeatable flavor and heavy effects.

Available as a 1G Cartridges

Heavy Hitters Full Spectrum Concentrate: Makes up only fresh full-spectrum concentrates that deliver the full flavors and effects of the source plant. Always made front the best crops of the season.

Available in 1G Jars

Heavy Hitters Ultra Gummies: The latest from Heavy Hitters, powered by classic strains and infused with the exact cannabis oil found in Heavy Hitters vapes. Each heavy, tasty gummy is portioned into two sections containing 10mg of THC each (20mg per piece).

Heavy Hitters Lights On THCv Energy Gummies: These contain 20mg of THC and 10mg of THCv per gummy. The gummies deliver an energetic high without the edge.

Heavy Hitters Lights Out Sleep Gummies: These are infused with the exact cannabis oil found in Heavy Hitters vapes, containing 20mg of THC and 20mg of CBN per gummy. The gummies deliver a sedating bedtime high.

Heavy Hitters HVY 25 Beverages: A drinkable blend of Liquid Trichomes™ and cannabis-derived terpenes containing 25mg of THC per can for a rich spirit that’s still non-alcoholic.

Available in 12 fl oz cans of HVY Seltzer, HVY Mule, HVY Marg, and HVY Tonic varieties

Heavy Hitters Diamond Pre-Rolls: The pre-rolls are stacked with a rich infusion of premium indoor flower with 98%+ THCa diamonds. These offer a deep, balanced high, and tasty smoke. Heavy Hitters uses a proprietary blending technology for the best possible diamond-to-flower ratio in each pre-roll. New batches that are tested contain as much as 60% THC.

Available in 1G Singles and 1.5G 3-Packs

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License Verification

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Heavy Hitters License Number: C11-0000107-LIC


What if I get a defective Heavy Hitters product?

If your product is defective, please contact Bento’s customer support and provide your name, phone number, photo, and description of your issue. You can also contact Heavy Hitters at info@heavyhitters.co.

How can I verify that my product is authentic?

When you shop with Bento Delivery, you can rest assured that you only see authentic products from certified cannabis brands. For further confirmation that your Heavy Hitters product is the real deal, email Bento’s customer care service for supporting material.

What makes Heavy Hitters different from other vape brands?

Heavy Hitters takes great pride in its Los Angele origins, where it’s been family owned and operated since its inception. One of the authentic originals of California’s cannabis market, Heavy Hitters continues its legacy of purity and potency with every new product in the lineup.

How many puffs are in a Heavy Hitters cartridge?

Though it depends on the user and their frequency of use, you can expect 200-300 hits from a 1G Heavy Hitters cartridge. Disposable pens average around 100-200 puffs

Where can I find Heavy Hitters products?

Heavy Hitters is available in legal dispensaries, storefronts, and delivery services across California and Nevada.

Are Heavy Hitter Carts good?

If you're on the hunt for Heavy Hitter carts near you, rest assured that they're renowned for their strong and smooth vaping encounters. Heavy Hitters exclusively partners with skilled farmers who handle their cannabis buds with the utmost care, ensuring thoroughly tested ingredients are used to create a pure distillate that meets California's rigorous safety standards. Additionally, they now offer 100% live resin carts, presenting the unique flavors and terpene profiles of each harvested strain. To get your hands on these exceptional carts, check out Bento's online selection for potent hits and delightful flavors.

Are Heavy Hitters Vape products safe?

Yes, Heavy Hitters vape products, including their vape carts, are known for their commitment to safety. With a reputation for potency and smooth vaping experiences, Heavy Hitters ensures that their products are of top-notch quality. If you're searching for "vape carts near me," explore Bento's online selection for a safe and enjoyable vaping experience with Heavy Hitters' premium products.

How can you tell if a Heavy Hitters Cart is real?

To verify the authenticity of a Heavy Hitters cart, you can check the batch number. Visit the official Heavy Hitters website and use their batch number verification tool. Enter the batch number found on the cart's packaging to ensure it matches the information provided on the website. This process will help you confirm if the cart is genuine and from a legitimate source. Avoid purchasing Heavy Hitters carts from unauthorized sellers or suspicious sources to ensure you get a genuine and safe product.

Can I get Heavy Hitters Vapes delivery in the SF Bay Area?

Absolutely! You can conveniently get Heavy Hitters vapes delivered to your door in the SF Bay Area through Bento, your trusted cannabis destination. Our extensive menu offers a wide range of products to choose from. Visit our user-friendly website or app, browse through the selection, and place your order. As responsible providers, we require you to be 21 years or older and have a valid ID to verify your age during delivery. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with Bento and top-notch products delivered straight to you.

How many puffs are in a Heavy Hitters cartridge?

With Heavy Hitters cartridge, you're in for well over 150 hits each. These cartridges are designed to give you many puffs, making them a popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts. So, whether taking small sips or longer draws, you can expect a satisfying experience with plenty of puffs from your Heavy Hitters cartridge.

How long does it take for Heavy Hitters Gummies to kick in?

When diving into Heavy Hitters gummies, you're in for an average effect onset within 15 minutes. Yep, these gummies are known to get things rolling quickly. Just keep in mind that individual experiences can vary a bit. So, whether you're new to this or a seasoned pro, give those gummies a little time to work their magic before deciding to have more.

How much THC is in a typical Heavy Hitters Edibles?

Heavy Hitters Edibles are all about that THC punch. Their Ultra Potent Gummies are a hit, literally. They've crammed each gummy with a solid 20mg of THC, giving you a strong dose of that delectable taste in every bite. So, these gummies will do the deed if you're looking for a sizable THC kick.

Can I fly with Heavy Hitters Vape products?

Flying with Heavy Hitters vape products can be tricky. It's important to know that many airlines and airports have strict rules about carrying vape products, especially those containing cannabis. It's advisable to check the airline's and the destination's regulations before packing your Heavy Hitters Vape. To stay hassle-free, leave them behind and grab some new ones when you reach your destination.

Why are Heavy Hitters Carts are more expensive than other carts?

Heavy Hitters carts might seem pricier due to their premium quality, potency, and reputation. They invest in top-notch materials, advanced technology, and rigorous testing, which can reflect in the cost. But it's all about personal preference and what fits your vibe. If you're looking for Heavy Hitters carts, you can explore Bento for deals and discounts.

What do I do if I get a defective Heavy Hitters product delivered?

If you receive a Heavy Hitters product that's not up to par, don't stress. Reach out to us directly. You can drop us an email at order@bentodelivery.com or ring us at (818) 740-7364. We're here to make things right and ensure your Heavy Hitters experience is top-notch.