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About Jelly Cannabis

Jelly was founded in 2018 by a collective of Southern California growers and entrepreneurs who made it their mission to take their favorite terpene flavors and aromas, inspired by chef’s tables and farm-fresh produce, and bring them to the masses in the form of flower, edibles, and live resin vapes. The aim for their farm-to-table brand is simple: take pride in cultivating top-shelf quality products with select genetics and celebrate a 420-friendly lifestyle in every way possible.

Product Types Offered

Jelly Cannabis Edibles: Jelly edibles are delightful canna-treats infused with various ratios of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in each piece. Sourced from high-quality flower, these gummies are designed to meet various cannabis needs in a tiny, tasty treat. 

Jelly Cannabis Flower: Jelly takes pride in offering only the most premium flower. Each batch is subject to stringent third-party lab testing to ensure that it meets the team’s high-quality standards. 

Jelly Cannabis Pre-rolls: Jelly’s pre-rolls wrap the indulgent flower into a portable, delectable pre-roll experience. Perfect for solo use or sharing, each pre-roll contains 0.7 grams of top-quality flower.

Jelly Vape Cartridges: Take your weed on the go with Jelly’s ultra-potent vape cartridges. Each cart features expertly extracted cannabis oil sourced from the freshest seasonal flower and captures each strain’s flavor. Pure, finely crafted, and harnessing state-of-the-art vaping technology, Jelly’s cartridges represent an extraordinary cannabis experience that goes wherever life takes you. 

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License Verification

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How long does Jelly Cannabis Co. Edibles take to kick in?

The time it takes for Jelly Cannabis Co. edibles to kick in can vary depending on factors such as your metabolism and whether you've eaten recently. Generally, you may feel the effects within 30 minutes to 2 hours after consumption. Some people may experience effects sooner, while others might take longer. Start with a low dose and be patient before taking more. Enjoy the delicious journey with Jelly edibles, and always consume responsibly.

Does Bento offer Jelly Cannabis Co. Vape Cartridges delivery near me?

Yes, Bento does offer delivery of Jelly Cannabis Co. vape cartridges near you in California. You can conveniently order them through our ASAP and scheduled menu options. Whether you're a seasoned partaker or a beginner, Bento has a wide selection of high-quality vape products.

What strains of Flowers does Jelly Cannabis Co offer?

Jelly Cannabis Co takes pride in its premium flower selection. They prioritize quality by subjecting each batch to rigorous third-party lab testing. This ensures that the Jelly cannabis flower meets the highest standards for excellence and safety. Customers can expect top-notch strains like GMO, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Bubba Zkittlez.

How much THC is infused in each Jelly Sour Watermelon Gummies by Jelly Cannabis Co.?

Jelly sour watermelon gummies are delicious bite-sized canna treats infused with 10 milligrams of THC per piece. Made from high-quality flower, these gummies are carefully crafted to provide consistent dosing for a reliable and enjoyable experience. Each gummy contains precisely measured THC, making them a convenient and controlled way to consume cannabis.

How long do Jelly Cannabis Co. Edibles take to kick in?

When you're diving into Jelly Cannabis Co. edibles, you can expect them to kick in within around 30 minutes to 2 hours. Patience is the name of the game here. These Jelly edibles range in onset times, depending on factors like your metabolism and what you've eaten. So, sit tight, give them a little time to work their magic, and enjoy the ride once they start doing their thing.

Are Jelly Cannabis Co. Flowers Indica or Sativa?

Jelly Cannabis Co. flowers offer both Indica and Sativa options. Whether you're in the mood for relaxation (Indica) or a more uplifting vibe (Sativa), they've got everything. Each type brings a unique experience, so check out their selection to find the perfect match for your desired effects on Bento.

Are Jelly Cannabis Co. THC Gummies suitable for beginners?

Jelly Cannabis Co. THC Gummies can be pretty potent, so if you're new to the THC game, you might want to start with a lower dose. Maybe cut those gummies in half and see how you feel. It's all about having a good time without overdoing it. Take it slow, enjoy the journey, and find your sweet spot.

What are the potential benefits of consuming Jelly Cannabis Co. flower?

Delving into Jelly Cannabis flower can offer a range of potential benefits. Their flower is known for its potential to promote relaxation and alleviate stress. It also provides relief from pain and aid in improving sleep quality. However, individual experiences can vary. Some folks report enhanced creativity, while others appreciate its calming effects.

What flavors are available for Jelly Cannabis Co. Vape Cartridges?

Jelly Cannabis Co. Vape cartridges come in various flavors to tickle your taste buds. Some terrific options include Citrus Dream, serving up that zesty goodness, and Legends OG, bringing you a classic touch, and there's even more waiting for you to explore. So, whether you're into fruity vibes or OG flavors, Jelly Cannabis Co. has got you covered with a range of choices.

Do Jelly Cannabis Co.'s edibles have any specific recommendations for consumption?

When it comes to Jelly Cannabis Co. Edibles, there are a few recommendations to keep in mind. It's a good idea to start with a lower dose, especially if you're new to edibles. Give it some time to kick in before deciding to take more. These things can take a bit to do their magic, so patience is key.