Pacific Stone


About Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone is one of California’s most beloved flower brands. If you know Pacific Stone, you know they only sell what they’ve grown themselves. Nothing outsourced. Only fresh, greenhouse-grown flower straight from the source.

Founded in 2015 by a group of friends and family passionate about cannabis, Pacific Stone remains laser focused on cultivating classic California bud at an unbeatable price point. The founding team includes Dutch greenhouse growers who work tirelessly to continue the cannabis greenhouse tradition and bring affordable, farm-direct weed to the masses.

So why single-sourced? Quality, consistency, and value are the three pillars of Pacific Stone’s operation. The team has spent years refining their craft, and their tender, loving care reflects in the cleanliness of their farming practices. When the work is all done in-house, it brings out the quality a true cannabis lover deserves.

Then why greenhouse? Cannabis grown under the California sun is known to thrive, producing a rich cannabinoid and terpene profile for a more vibrant high and flavor. Greenhouse flower is also kept safe in a consistent, controlled environment, getting the best of both indoor and outdoor growing. Pacific Stone has spent years perfecting its greenhouse practices to deliver the iconic flavor and effects of California weed in every batch.

Product Types Offered

Pacific Stone Flower: Premium greenhouse-grown flower at exceptionally affordable prices. Available in 3.5G, 7G, 14G and 1 oz.

Pacific Stone Pre-Roll Packs: Premium greenhouse-grown flower expertly ground and hand-rolled in exceptionally affordable 14-packs. Available in Indica and Sativa.

Pacific Stone Pre-Roll Tubes: The same hand-rolled joints in the 14-pack, contained in a versatile, on-the-go tube for greater discretion and convenience. 2 pre-rolls in each water-proof, air-tight tube.

Pacific Stone Roll Your Own Sugar Shake: High-quality, greenhouse-grown flower, pre-ground and packaged with rolling papers so you can roll your own any way you see fit.

Pacific Stone Smooth RipS™ Cured Resin Sauce 510 Cartridge: A high-quality resin cartridge filled with complex terpenes derived from Pacific Stone’s greenhouse-grown flower. No additives.

Pacific Stone Ready rips™ All-in-one Vaporizer: An on-the-go disposable vape pen that’s as versatile as it is discreet. Filled with Pacific Stones Cured Resin Sauces.

Pacific Stone Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls Packs: Premium greenhouse-grown flower expertly ground and hand-rolled in exceptionally affordable multipacks. Infused with THCa Diamonds extracted from Pacific Stone’s flower. Hand-rolled and artfully infused for a smooth smoke and potent effect.

Pacific Stone High End Collection: Pacific Stone’s team of expert cultivators select only the highest quality flower from the greenhouse. Available in 3.5G.

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License Verification

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Pacific Stone License Number: CCL18-0001346.


What sets Pacific Stone apart from other cannabis brands?

With Pacific Stone, nothing is outsourced. Every product, from whole flower to pre-roll packs to infused joints, is sourced from Pacific Stone's own greenhouse farm. The brand operates under the call to make quality California cannabis affordable to folks who appreciate it

What’s the difference between greenhouse growing and sun or indoor growing?

A greenhouse differs from an outdoor grow because it provides a controlled environment for the plants to thrive in while still harnessing the sun's light. Both greenhouse and outdoor growing utilize natural sunlight to get a vibrant cannabinoid and terpene profile out of the plant. In an indoor grow, every environmental factor is carefully controlled, including light exposure.

Why does Pacific Stone use greenhouse methods?

A greenhouse offers the advantage of natural sunlight without sacrificing a more controlled environment. In essence, you’re getting the best of both worlds between indoor and outdoor growing. Pacific Stone was founded by Dutch greenhouse growers who have utilized their craft to produce the type of bud that California is famous for.

What if I get a defective product from Pacific Stone?

If your product is defective, please contact Bento Delivery’s customer support and provide your name, phone number, photo, and description of your issue.

What’s the difference between indoor and sun-grown flower?

Both can be great. The main difference is in the expression of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other molecular compounds. When cannabis is grown under the sun, it tends to express a wider variety of terpenes, which alters both the flavor and the experience. Most indoor facilities are carefully augmented to elicit a more specified cannabinoid expression in each plant, typically for higher THC potency. Which type of flower you choose is ultimately a matter of personal preference.