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About Potli

Potli began with co-founder Felicity Chen’s search for something to help with her Mother’s autoimmune disease. In combining the wellness properties of cannabis with local honey (still harvested from Chen’s family’s backyard), Potli infused honey is an ideal enhanced superfood for health-conscious consumers. The rest of the Potli cannabis-infused product line expands upon Felicity’s passion for high-quality ingredients and craftsman kitchen staples you can use every day.

Product Types Offered

POTLI OILS: Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a family owned orchard in Carmel Valley, CA, infused with CBD & THCa; and infused Chili Oil from a family recipe. 

POTLI HONEY: All-natural, wildflower honey made in the Bay Area of California, enhanced with CBD or THC. 

POTLI SIRACHA: Spicy and nano-emulsified with 100mg of THC. Also available in travel Pocket form. 

POTLI SHRIMP CHIPS: Salty-sweet infused umami chips available in OG and Spicy flavors. 

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License Verification

Bento Delivery is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Bento Delivery partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs. Potli’s license number is ​​CDPH-T00000925.


Where are Potli products available? 

You can find Potli products for delivery and in licensed storefronts throughout the state of California.

Where does Potli get its cannabis from?

Potli partners with Aster Farms, a Northern California sustainable cannabis company.

Are other ingredients in Potli products locally sourced? 

Yes. For example, both the cannabis and olives in Potli olive oil are grown outdoors under the sun in the unique terroir of Lake County, California. 

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