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THC - 89.7% 
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THC - 90.3% 
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THC - 87% 

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STIIIZY has been a leading name in California cannabis since it burst onto the scene in 2017. The brand made big waves with a proprietary vape battery and pod system and have since taken the market by storm—setting new industry trends with iconic retail locations and products that make the cannabis lifestyle accessible to more people.

Convenience is the game's name for cannabis newcomers, especially those introduced to the plant via vape devices. No matter where you find yourself on the cannabis trail, STIIIZY has a vape product to match your speed. STIIIZY’s line of Original THC, Live Resin, and Live Rosin Pods are designed to enhance cannabis consumption with great flavors and a smooth high, all in a portable, convenient package that's sleek and easy to use.

Since its initial launch, STIIIZY has expanded its portfolio to include everything from sun-grown eights to infused hemp-wrap blunts, all reliable and fast-acting. Even STIIIZY’s gummies are engineered with nano-molecular technology to deliver tasty, terpy goodness quickly. Whether you’re a take-it-easy type or always on the move, STIIIZY has something to match your canna-friendly lifestyle.

Product Types Offered

STIIIZY OG THC Pods: Quality concentrates in a proprietary vape pod, carefully flavored with botanically derived terpenes for a balanced experience.

Available in 0.5G and 1G.

STIIIZY Starter Kit: The Original STIIIZY battery is designed for optimal performance when paired with a STIIIZY concentrate Pod. It comes with a USB charging cable and charging port.

Voltage: 3.2+\-0.1V

STIIIZY BIIIG Batteries: Designed for optimal performance and bigger clouds when paired with a STIIIZY concentrate pod. These batteries come with a USB charging cable and charging port.

Voltage: 3.4+\-0.1V

STIIIZY Silver Cannabis Derived Terpene Pods: Potent, flavorful pods, single-sourced from premium cannabis plants, to deliver each strain’s natural terpene profile.

Available in 0.5G and 1G.

STIIIZY Gold Live Resin Pods: Extracted from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis, containing live resin to preserve a full spectrum of the flower’s flavors and effects. These live resin pods are craft cannabis products released in small batches.

Available in 0.5G and 1G.

STIIIZY Live Rosin Pods: Concentrate pods containing live rosin extracted using solventless methods to preserve the plant’s unfiltered flavor and effect profile. They’re high-quality and terpene-rich pods by STIIIZY.

Available in 0.5G and 1G.

LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Weed Pens: A convenient, disposable vape device with 0.5G of STIIIZY oil, designed for optimal flavor and big clouds.

STIIIZY Curated Live Resin: Whole-plant concentrate from the flash-frozen flower, preserving the plant’s full spectrum of effects and flavors.

Available in 1G jars.

STIIIZY Live Rosin: Hand-crafted, solventless ice water hash, carefully extracted to preserve more terpenes and flavonoids for peak flavor.

Live Rosin Badder and Jam are available in 1G jars.

STIIIZY Live Resin Diamonds: A curated combination of THC diamond crystals and terpene-heavy sauce made with cannabis strains suited to diamond form.

Available in 1G jars.

STIIIZY Premium Cannabis Flower: STIIIZY’s Black Label represents the brand’s top-of-the-line, ultra-premium flower, cultivated for an extra-potent experience. Grey Label flower is curated to deliver enticing aromas and rich, complex flavors. White Label flower is sun-grown, harnessing Mother Nature’s gifts for consistent taste and smooth effects.

Available in 3.5G and 7G bags.

STIIIZY Cannabis Jars: Premium cannabis flower grown in a state-of-the-art facility to deliver peak flavor and potency, hand-selected for an optimal smoking experience.

Available in 3.5G jars.

STIIIZY Cannabis Pre-Rolls and Blunts: Strain-specific and expertly packed with premium flower to deliver a consistent smoking experience.

Pre-rolls are available in singles (0.5G and 1G) or packs of five (0.5G each, 2.5G total). Hemp-wrapped Blunts are available in 2G singles, packed in glass vials for peak freshness.

STIIIZY 40’s Infused Pre-Rolls and Blunts: High-potency cannabis pre-rolls and 100% tobacco-free hemp wraps infused with live resin and coated in kief, engineered to deliver 40% THC every time.

0.5G and 1G 40’s pre-rolls and blunts are available as singles. 0.5G is also available in packs of five.

STIIIZY Weed Gummies: Made with live resin and nano-molecular enhanced for an immediate effect onset. In addition to 10mg THC gummies, STIIIZY offers 2:1 THC:CBN gummies engineered to help you relax and unwind.

Available in 90mg and 100mg packs.

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License Verification

Bento works with high-quality, legitimate cannabis industry brands that test products with certified labs.

STIIIZY License Number: C11-0000620-LIC


Are STIIIZY Pods under warranty?

Pods must be full or nearly full with the accompanying receipt to be considered for exchange.

Your retailer may offer an exchange if

  • The pod is cracked or leaking
  • Clogged
  • Not connecting to the battery
  • Not producing a vapor

What should I do if my pod is leaking?

If you’re experiencing light or infrequent leakage with your pod, STIIIZY recommends using a cotton swab with minimal rubbing alcohol to clean excess residue. To help prevent further leaking, keep STIIIZY products away from extreme temperatures, humidity, and small spaces. STIIIZY also recommends not storing pods upside down.

For help with excessive or consistent leaking, contact Grassdoor’s customer service team.

What do I do if my Solventless Pod is over-burning?

Make sure you’re using the regular STIIIZY Battery for optimal performance. BIIIG Batteries are too hot for solventless products. If a burning taste persists, allow the pod to cool down for 5 to 10 minutes before you inhale again.

Why did the concentrate in my pod change color?

Changes in pod coloring are natural and indicate that STIIIZY uses authentic cannabis oil and botanical terpenes in its products. If your STIIIZY Pod changes color, it will not affect potency or purity.

What if my LIIIL Battery dies before I’ve vaped all the oil?

LIIIL disposable pens may clog now and again. STIIIZY recommends pulling softly on your pen for five to seven seconds to avoid clogging. This helps to clear the airway more regularly. Also, keep your disposable pen away from extreme temperatures and overexposure to humidity.

How do I get STIIIZY pods delivery near me in the Bay Area?

Yes, Bento offers Bay Area STIIIZY pods delivery. Check our menu for availability and choose from a wide selection of STIIIZY pods. Explore our ASAP menu for same-day delivery and have your favorite STIIIZY pods delivered right to your curbside. If you prefer to plan ahead, use our Scheduled Menu to place next-day orders for your convenience. Bento teams up with reputable and high-quality cannabis industry brands, ensuring that all products are rigorously tested in certified labs.

What is the typical delivery time for STIIIZY products when ordering through Bento?

When ordering STIIIZY products through Bento, the typical delivery time may vary depending on several factors. We strive to provide prompt service and aim to deliver your products as quickly as possible. For STIIIZY delivery ASAP orders, you can typically expect same-day delivery, ensuring you receive your desired products promptly. For scheduled orders, we offer next-day delivery or delivery according to the time slot you select, providing flexibility to cater to your convenience. Delivery times may change based on order volume and external factors.

How much is a STIIIZY Battery at Bento?

The price of a STIIIZY Battery at Bento can vary, but the standard price for the STIIIZY Battery Starter Kit is $20. We strive to offer competitive pricing and excellent value for our customers. With our reliable STIIIZY Battery delivery service, you can conveniently get your hands on this high-quality product without any hassle.

Does Bento delivers STIIIZY Edibles near me?

Bento proudly serves over 800 zip codes across 55+ cities, including San Francisco, Fremont, Hayward, Oakland, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, and more. To check if we deliver STIIIZY edibles to your location, visit our website and click "Deliver to." Add your location, and you'll instantly know if we deliver STIIIZY edibles near you.

What are the available color options for STIIIZY Batteries at Bento?

At Bento, the available color option for STIIIZY Batteries is black. The STIIIZY Battery Starter Kit, which includes a 210 mAh rechargeable battery, is explicitly offered in black color. This sleek and stylish option provides a timeless and versatile look. If you're searching for "STIIIZY Batteries near me," Bento is a reliable source to find everything you need for a great vape session.

How much are STIIIZY Pods near me in Bay Area?

Bento offers various STIIIZY Pods in several flavors, including popular options like Blue Dream, White Raspberry, Purple Punch, and Orange Sunset. These flavorful pods provide a diverse selection to cater to different taste preferences. If you're looking for STIIIZY Pods near me, you can find them at Bento, priced at approximately $39.

Do STIIIZY Pods expire?

STIIIZY Pods generally have a shelf life of around 12 months. To ensure the potency and freshness of your STIIIZY Pods, it's best to store them in a cool and dry location, away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, extreme cold, and high humidity. Proper storage conditions help maintain the quality of the pods for a more extended period. So, if you're looking to enjoy STIIIZY Pods, store them in a suitable environment. And if you're looking for STIIIZY Pods near you, order through the Bento Delivery website for the utmost convenience.

What are the available flavors for STIIIZY Pods?

STIIIZY Pods come in various flavorful options to suit different preferences. Some of the available flavors include Biscotti, Hardcore OG, King Louis XIII, OG Kush, Purple Punch, SFV OG, Blue Dream, Orange Sunset, Premium Jack, Sour Diesel, Sour Tangie, Apple Fritter, Birthday Cake, Blue Burst, Do-Si-Dos, Gelato, and Granddaddy Purp. Whether you're into fruity, sweet, or more classic cannabis strains, STIIIZY offers a range of enticing flavors to choose from. Explore the selection at Bento to find your favorite STIIIZY Pod flavor.

How long do STIIIZY Batteries last?

A well-maintained STIIIZY battery can last up to three years. To ensure its longevity, it's advisable to avoid overcharging. Typically, it takes approximately 45 minutes to achieve a full charge. If you're in search of a new STIIIZY battery near you, Bento offers seamless cannabis delivery. Browse our menu and find the perfect battery to power your vaping experience. With Bento, you can buy STIIIZY batteries hassle-free and enjoy a long-lasting performance.

Why is my STIIIZY Pod always clogged?

Clogged STIIIZY Pods can happen occasionally, but there are steps you can take to minimize the issue. One common cause of clogging is not charging the battery frequently enough, affecting the heat level. It's advisable to recharge the battery regularly to ensure optimal performance. We recommend charging on low voltage for about 30-45 minutes. If you're looking for STIIIZY Pods near you, Bento's comprehensive menu can help you narrow down your search.