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Finding the right bud is half the journey. You also need the proper gear.

Weed Accessories in a Nutshell

Introduction to Weed Accessories

For every cannabis consumption method, there's an arsenal of accessories to augment the experience. From grinders to rolling papers, bongs, vape batteries, and everything in between, the world of weed-smoking accessories is endless.

For cannabis newcomers, it can be daunting to figure out which accessories are essential and which are more specialized for niche consumers. If you're smoking joints, all you need is rolling papers and crutches. If you're using a water pipe, start with a basic glass accessory and a simple bowl and downstem setup. Most weed accessories require careful and consistent cleaning, so the simpler you start, the easier it is to add more accessories to your repertoire later.

The Essential Weed Accessories

Here’s a quick rundown on the primary accessories every canna lover should have on deck:

Grinder: A cylindrical device with multiple chambers for breaking up and catching weed for smoking.

Papers: Papers usually come with crutches or filter tips to prevent acting as a buffer between the joint and inhalation.

Lighter: If you want to spark up, you’ve got to bring the fire.

Vape Battery: A small battery designed to heat cannabis vape cartridges.

Rolling Tray: A square tray with rounded edges designed to help you keep your bud and accessories stable when rolling a joint.

Pipe: The most basic handheld item for smoking cannabis.

Bong: A pipe that filters weed smoke through a water-filled base.

Dab Rig: A water pipe designed explicitly for vaporizing concentrates.

Using Weed Accessories

How to Use a Weed Grinder

  1. Remove the lid of the grinder.
  2. Break up your cannabis nugs into workable pieces.
  3. Throw your broken cannabis in the grinder's teeth.
  4. Pick your lid back up and secure it to the grinder.
  5. Rotate the lid with your hands until all the buds have made their way to the storage chamber.
  6. Tap the lid gently to release any excess flower stuck in the teeth.
  7. Take off the storage chamber and enjoy your ground bud.

How to Roll a Joint

  1. Grind your bud (see instructions above).
  2. Get your crutch ready. Make three accordion-style folds and wrap the rest of the crutch paper around it.
  3. Place your crutch at the end of your paper so half is sticking out.
  4. Load your cannabis with the sticky end of the paper further away from you. Make sure you lay it out evenly and don't overload your joint.
  5. Starting at the crutch side, carefully roll the side of the paper closer to you around the bud.
  6. Carefully roll until you've reached the sticky end.
  7. Give the sticky end a quick lick, then bind it to the rolled part of the paper from the crutch side out.
  8. Using a chopstick or similar tool, gently push your bud into the joint to even out the contents.
  9. Twist the end, then gently push the crutch into the joint.
  10. Spark and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions on Accessories

Which accessories are right for me?

What accessories you need will depend on how you choose to consume weed. If you prefer a joint, you need some papers and crutches unless you want to streamline your process with an electric or mechanical roller. If you're getting into dabbing, there's a host of rigs, e-rigs, dab tools, and cleaning tools to augment the experience. It all comes down to how far you want to go down the rabbit hole of a particular product type and how fancy you want to get with your consumption habits.

What constitutes a weed accessory?

Anything you use to prepare, smoke or ingest cannabis is essentially a weed accessory, as is anything you use to clean, store, or maintain your gear.

What does a weed grinder look like?

A typical grinder is a short, stout metal, plastic, or wood cylinder. Some have more extensive pieces and chambers than others, but most fit this description.

How long do vape batteries last?

Your average vape battery has a lifespan of around six months to 1½ years.

Where can I buy quality weed accessories?

If you're a Bay Area resident looking for the easiest way to get high-quality cannabis accessories, look no further than Bento. We work closely with the best brands in the cannabis biz to craft a menu of the finest marijuana gear in the area.