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Unbeatable flavor and immaculate vibes. Concentrates are the canna connoisseur’s choice.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Concentrates have become an essential piece of the cannabis experience. Cannabis concentrates describe a relatively extensive collection of products in the market today. These are carefully extracted from the good stuff of a cannabis plant, which is mainly the cannabinoids and terpenes. Most concentrates and extracts result from an extraction process involving solvents or a heated press.

You’ve probably heard about concentrates, extracts, CBD, and THC oil, all cannabis derivatives. Maybe you’ve also wondered how they differ from each other. Solvents, most commonly butane, propane, or supercritical CO2, are introduced to extraction methods to derive concentrates. An extract is a subcategory of concentrate, but not all concentrates are considered extracts. Whether extracted with solvents or by exposure to pressure and heat, the idea is to deliver nothing but the highs and flavors of weed’s most desirable compounds.

Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

High potency, pure flavor, and a growing variety of forms and consumption methods make concentrates a powerhouse weed product. When heated at the correct temperatures, vaporizing concentrates can be a valuable alternative to smoking cannabis flowers. Whether a THC vape pen or a sticky dab of badder or wax, concentrates deliver a clear head high as quickly as smokable cannabis does, without the need to combust plant material.

Marijuana concentrates also accumulate and isolate terpenes, which means you have more access to the unique flavors of cannabis than ever before. When you smoke weed, you inevitably sacrifice at least some flavor to the smoke. When you vaporize a concentrate in a vape pen or with a dab rig, you can taste the weed in all its fruity, earthy, herbal glory.

Using Weed Concentrates

Concentrates are exceptionally versatile. You can dab them, vape them in a pen, add them to a joint, or use them to make edibles.

Dabbing is vaporizing concentrates with a dab rig, a water filtration device similar to a pipe or bong. Electronic rigs or e-rigs have become the preferred mode of dabbing, offering more precise temperature control and minimizing the need for all the tools of a traditional rig. Wax, sugar, badder, and THC diamonds are all popular concentrates for dabbing. Ultimately, choosing between them depends on personal preference and experience with your rig setup.

Few consumption methods match the flavor and thick, vibrant head high of a quality dab, which is why it remains the connoisseur’s choice as far as concentrates go. If you’re new to concentrates, you can try a vape pen or infused joint before you dive headfirst into dabbing.