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Cannabis Pre Rolls Online

Cannabis Pre-Rolls

The joy of a joint without any of the hassle, pre-rolls are here to stay.

Pre-rolls in a Nutshell

Introduction to Pre-rolls

Few things in the canna-verse spark more joy and admiration than a finely rolled joint. But as the cannabis tent gets bigger and consumption methods continue to multiply, there’s a greater demand for the joy of a joint minus the learning curve required to roll your own. That’s where the pre-roll comes in.

A pre-roll is what it sounds like: a pre-made cannabis joint that comes ready to smoke—no need to grind your weed or assemble the joint yourself. Pre-rolls come as singles or in pre-roll multipacks. Most are rolled with traditional rolling paper, though some canna users rely on unique hemp wrap resembling a blunt. In recent years, infused pre-rolls have become popular items, which add concentrate, kief, and sometimes both for extra potency.

Benefits of Pre-rolls

Convenience and shareability are notable factors in choosing pre-rolls over other forms of smokable cannabis. When you roll up to a sesh with a pack of pre-rolls on deck, you’re making it easier for everyone to get the vibes flowing.

Taking a few puffs of a pre-roll in a sesh circle will likely give you a manageable first-time high. Concentrates, edibles, and other high-potency products can overwhelm new users. For medical marijuana patients (especially ones with conditions that make rolling difficult), pre-rolls are easier to work with, meaning quicker access to the cannabis plant’s wellness benefits.

Using Pre-rolls

Most pre-rolls deliver a thick, enjoyable high that packs a punch without sending you to outer space. You just have to light the tip and smoke up the pre-roll. The most common pre-roll sizes contain 0.5 grams and one (1) gram of ground cannabis. If you’re a new or first-time user, start with a milder pre-roll, preferably with a THC count below 25%. Start with a half-gram pre-roll and take one or two puffs. Then give yourself a few minutes to see how it sits with you before you smoke more.

For seasoned cannabis diehards, pre-rolls can be a controversial subject. Many are wary of getting sub-par weed or old shake in pre-rolled joints and prefer the craft of rolling one’s own to the convenience of a pre-roll. While there’s a time and a season for every weed product under the sun, one should always seek pre-rolls from trusted brands that only deal with quality buds.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pre-rolls

How do I dose on pre-rolls?

You must already know that once taken, you can’t undo it. But you can always start by taking less. When you light your pre-roll, begin with one or two puffs, wait for 5 to 10 minutes to see how you feel, then adjust your intake accordingly.

How long will it take to feel the effect of pre-roll?

Pre-roll is just like any other smokable cannabis product. The effects are pretty immediate, kicking in within 5 to 10 minutes.

What should I do if I get too high smoking a pre-roll?

In most cases, it's best to keep calm and ride it out. Feeling higher than you anticipated can be an overwhelming experience, but panicking will only worsen it. If you need extra help with coming down from a cannabis high, try taking deep breaths and drinking water. You can also try eating lemons or other fruits rich in terpene limonene, which may help minimize the effects of THC.

What should I look for on a pre-roll label?

A legit pre-roll label from a quality brand will include its size in grams, the name of the cannabis strain, its cannabinoid percentages (most notably, THC and CBD), terpenes present in the bud, and some sort of link to a certificate of analysis (usually a QR code). A COA from a licensed third-party lab will tell you whether the product is clear of all harmful contaminants.

How long should I expect to feel the effects of a weed joint?

You can expect to feel the effects of a cannabis joint or pre-roll anywhere from 2 to 8 hours.

What is a pre-roll?

Simply put, a pre-roll is a pre-rolled cannabis joint that comes ready to smoke, either as a single or in pre-roll multipacks.

What are the distinguishing features of a pre-roll?

Pre-rolls are made up of ground cannabis inside a rolled paper or wrap, topped off with a crutch or filter.

How much do pre-rolls cost at a dispensary?

Single pre-rolls typically cost between $5 and $30. Pre-roll packs can cost anywhere from $18 to $75, depending on the pre-roll count, quality of the product, and inclusion of other cannabis forms such as concentrate or kief.

Where can I buy quality pre-rolls?

If you're a Bay Area resident looking for the easiest way to get high-quality pre-rolls, look no further than Bento Delivery. We work closely with the best brands in the cannabis biz to craft a menu of the finest marijuana buds in the area.