Atomic Lemon | 1gram


Atomic Lemon | 1gram

Chemical content
12.2 mg
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Designed to conveniently refill your vape pen or top off your rig, the Live Rosin dart from Lowell contains 1 gram of high-quality live rosin sauce. 

Atomic Lemon is a heady, mind-and-body-buzz hybrid with a terpene-heavy citrus flavor that delivers on its name. 

Flavor and Aroma: Citrus, Lemon, Fruity

Reported Effects: Euphoric, Uplifted, Stoney

Terpenes Profile
Caryophyllene - 1.9728%
Limonene - 0.8575%
Humulene - 0.6701%
Linalool - 0.3944%
Myrcene - 0.309%
About the Brand
Lowell Farms

About Lowell Farms

Founded in 2014, Lowell includes a family of farms growing artisan, sun-grown craft cannabis using “sustainable and natural materials from seed to sale.” Coming from a position of love and care for the core cannabis plant, Lowell uses only full flower (no shake, no trim) to craft its signature pre-roll packs, as well as a line of artisanal hash and liquid live rosin. 

Product Types Offered

LOWELL CLASSIC PACKS: Lowell’s signature six-pack of “California’s best selling pre-roll.” 

LOWELL SUN-GROWN FLOWER: ⅛ oz. glass jars of greenhouse-grown, pesticide-free cannabis.

LOWELL INDIVIDUAL PRE-ROLL: 1 gram, individually packaged and sealed pre-roll of craft cannabis, continuing the no shake/no trim tradition of Lowell smokes. 

LOWELL INFUSED PRE-ROLL: Lowell’s effect-based blends infused with 

LOWELL TIMELESS BUBBLE HASH: A concentrate formulated to pay homage to “the early B.C. Hashishians, the Parisian Hash Clubs, and the days of Woodstock.”

LOWELL FULL-MELT HASHISH: “Preserving all of the natural trichomes, rich flavors and plant resins of the diverse cannabis plant.”

LOWELL AGE CURED ROSIN: Extracted from subsequent presses of Lowell’s Full-Melt Hash and cured under optimal storing conditions. 

LOWELL ARTISANAL LIVE ROSIN: Extracted from the first press of Lowell’s full-melt hash, rich in monoterpenes for a “dynamic experience.”  

LOWELL 510 CART: A full-spectrum concentrate cartridge containing solventless liquid live rosin extracted from artisanal cannabis flower. 

LOWELL SOLVENTLESS VAPE: A disposable vape pen containing Lowell’s liquid live rosin. 

LOWELL QUICKS EIGHTH PACKS: A 10-pack of 0.35g mini-joints, rolled with Lowell craft cannabis. 


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License Verification

Bento Delivery is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Bento Delivery partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs. Lowell’s license number is C11-0000502-LIC.  



Is Lowell farms a cultivator, manufacturer, or retailer? 

Lowell is a vertically integrated cannabis operation that includes cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution.

Where can I get Lowell products? 

Lowell products are currently available throughout the state of California.  

Are Lowell pre-rolls made with shake or trim?

Lowell smokes are rolled only with sun-grown craft cannabis flower. No shake, no trim. 


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