Berry Crepes Diamonds | 1gram


Berry Crepes Diamonds | 1gram

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34.5 mg
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Berry Crepes Diamonds – a syrupy treat that helps inspire your day! Solid and saucy, the THC crystalline structures present a yellowish, semi-transparent mixture of THCA diamonds and terp sauce. Coveted for its flavorsome vape of brown sugar, blueberries, and sweet cake, these crepes are an Indica leaning Hybrid extract that helps establish a relaxed headspace. Drop the fork and grab the rig – these Berry Crepes Diamonds are your new late-night go-to treat for the mind.

Aroma: Berry, Cake, Sweet

Effects: Relaxed, Chill, Calm

About West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure emerges as a vanguard in the cannabis landscape, proudly tracing its roots to a rebellious era, defying prohibition norms. This collective of nonconformists meticulously curates their selection, handpicking only the most aromatic strains and fostering enduring relationships with cultivators and innovative wax artists. A pinnacle achievement resonates through time—clinching the prestigious NorCal Cannabis Cup for Concentrates in 2012.

It isn't a tale of newcomers riding the post-2018 wave, churning out lackluster products. West Coast Cure stands as the West's OGs, presenting premium cannabis products infused with history and heart. Their legacy as a leading California brand is defined by their offerings' terpene-rich, high-potency essence, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

West Coast Cure isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle, a homage to the West's cannabis heritage, and a commitment to unparalleled quality. Each cannabis flower, pre-roll, and vape cartridge embodies their dedication to setting, not just meeting, industry standards. Enter the world of West Coast Cure, where the spirit of rebellion and a passion for top-tier weed converge in every puff.

Product Types Offered

West Coast Cure Top-shelf Indoor Flower

West Coast Cure introduces their top-shelf indoor flower, a pinnacle of THC potency, and premium cannabis buds. Harvested at peak maturation, each flower undergoes meticulous curing and delicate handling to preserve terpenes and flavors. Strains like White Runtz and Jokerz Gelato showcase the brand's commitment to excellence. Through precise sourcing and cultivation, West Coast Cure ensures a superior cannabis encounter, where each jar holds the essence of its dedication to top-tier quality.

West Coast Cure Premium Flower

West Coast Cure unveils their premium flower, meticulously cultivated in exclusive batches by California's premier cultivators. Grown across diverse environments, these nugs, teeming with terpenes, boast a minimum THC content of 25%.

Their range of buds is tailored for the daily connoisseur and the budget-savvy aficionado seeking uncompromised quality. Strains such as Wedding Cake, Kush Cake, Bubba Kush, and Purple Runtz exemplify the brand's dedication to diversity and quality. Employing precise sourcing methods, West Coast Cure ensures the highest cultivation and harvest standards.

West Coast Cure Top-shelf Joints

The top-shelf joints by West Coast Cure are handcrafted from freshly cured indoor-grown flower in exclusive batches by premier California cultivators. Devoid of trim or shake, these joints feature buds that are not only terpene-rich but also exceptionally potent. Packaged in sets of three and available in strains like Cookie Platter and Gas Pack, WCC's top-shelf joints emerge as the ideal companion for any occasion.

The sourcing methods employed by West Coast Cure reflect a commitment to excellence, ensuring that only the finest, most aromatic buds find their way into these joints. The joints are a testament to their dedication to delivering top-tier quality with every puff.

West Coast Cure Live Resin Cartridges

Anticipate a heightened cannabis experience marked by potent effects and the added convenience of vaping with the live resin cartridge. The West Coast Cure cart offers a potent and efficacious solution for those seeking respite from the demands of modern life. Crafted with precise attention to quality and sourced from the finest materials, this cartridge promises discreteness and effectiveness.

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