Jetty Solventless Preroll Mendo Breath x Tropaya | 1.2grams


Jetty Solventless Preroll Mendo Breath x Tropaya | 1.2grams

Chemical content
21.2 mg
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If a joint packed with sweet fruity flavors and potent effects is what you're after, then you can look no further. A blend of two crowd-favorite strains allowed us to create this amazing experience that'll lift the spirit and relax the body.

We start with top-shelf bud, selected for its flavor and potency. An infusion of cold water hash comes next, made in-house using just ice and water. The result is unique pairings that bring out intense flavors and effects from complementary flower and hash terpene profiles. It’s a full-spectrum, full-body high that delivers.

Top-shelf bud. Curated flower and oil pairings. Supercharged Potency. Find your flavor with Jetty Pre-Rolls."

About the Brand
Jetty Extracts

About Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts is all about “doing cannabis right.” Founded in 2013, this San Diego-born outfit comes to the industry out of sincere love for the plant. And they’ve honed their obsession to create high-quality cannabis extracts for elevated experiences.

Since its initial launch, the team at Jetty Extracts has tried various extraction methods. Years of careful research and testing have resulted in a cannabis vape free of fillers, cutting agents, and other contaminants. Jetty Extracts puts years of experimentation into every product on the market, so by the time it gets to you, you can rest assured that it’s a clean, heavy morsel of pure cannabis.

As one of the first manufacturers to become OCal certified (the California cannabis equivalent of organic certification) and a pioneer in solventless extraction methods, Jetty is well-versed in the art of sustainability and proper sourcing. The brand works only with small farms that practice regenerative, sun-grown farming, and its signature sandalwood vaporizer mouthpieces are made from recycled materials. Everything that goes into a Jetty product is carefully considered, so you know you’re getting the best possible experience while showing respect for the environment.

Product Types Offered

All Jetty products are made from one of the following concentrates:

Solventless: made from ice water hash with unbeatable true-to-strain flavor, untouched by chemical solvents. Jetty tailors its plant genetics and extraction methods for the richest, tastiest concentrate possible.

Live Resin: Extracted using careful methods that capture precious cannabinoids and terpenes without damaging the more volatile compounds. Made from flash-frozen plant material for a more palpable terpene profile. Only lightly refined to preserve the flavor and effect of the source plant.

High THC: Exceptionally potent vapes from an incredible lineup of famous cannabis strains. Jetty introduces a proprietary terpene blend to make an intense but discreet concentrate, starting with small-batch, sun-grown flower from Emerald Triangle farms.

The Jetty product lineup includes:

Jetty Extracts Vape Cartridges: The easiest way to consume high-potency cannabis oil. Carefully extracted to preserve the full spectrum of the source plant’s flavors and effects.

Available in 0.5G and 1G Cartridges. (Indica, Sativa and Hybrid)

Jetty Extracts Pre-Rolls: Convenient, ready-to-spark joints of premium cannabis flower, infused with cryoextracted Jetty concentrates to preserve optimal flavor in every joint.

Available as 1G Singles or 5-Packs of 0.5G joints (3.5G total). (Indica and Sativa)

Jetty Concentrates: Craft concentrate made from small batches of sustainably sourced, sun-grown cannabis. Forms include badder, sugar, sauce, and diamonds. Strains are selected for big flavor and complex terpene profiles.

Available in 1G Jars.

Jetty Extracts Dablicator: Cannabis oil inside a convenient dab dispenser. Includes a heat-resistant Direct Dab Tip™️that delivers perfect dab-sizes of oil to avoid waste. Works with virtually any dab or e-rig.

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License Verification

Bento works with high-quality, legitimate cannabis industry brands that test products with certified labs.

Jetty Extracts License Numbers: C11-0000-374-LIC, CDPH-10002243

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to