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Cannabis-Infused THC & CBD Drinks, Beverages Delivery

Drinkables have officially rocked the world of edibles.

Introduction to Cannabis Drinks & Beverages

Did you know the earliest recorded weed edible was a beverage? In 1500 BCE, folks in India kept it real with a drink called Bhang, made up of ground cannabis, milk, fruit, sugar, and spices. It's taken a long time for the West to catch up, but in recent years we've seen an eruption of tasty, refreshing, precisely dosed canna beverages in the modern weed market. As the days of prohibition wane in the U.S., more people are turning to cannabis as a viable alternative to alcohol consumption. And with greater demand comes the need for greater supply.

Benefits of Weed Drinks

Much like edibles, weed drinks offer the most health-conscious cannabis consumers a delightful alternative to smoking flower or vaping concentrates. They give medical users and recreational enthusiasts better control over dosing and clear another path for discreet, under-the-radar cannabis consumption. Weed drinks are also similar to edibles—encouraging a deep, often long-lasting high that's great for drifting off to sleep, calming the nerves, or minimizing physical discomfort. In many circles, cannabis drinks are gaining traction as a fun, wellness-conscious substitute for alcohol, especially for social gatherings where smoking cannabis can alienate the uninitiated.

Consuming THC & CBD Drinks

Though several high-powered THC drinks have hit the scene, the most popular canna beverages offer mild doses, typically 5 mg to 10 mg THC per container, just enough to lighten the mood for a super chill evening. THC beverages rich in other cannabinoids, such as Delta-8-THC (a more potent counterpart to the more prolific Delta-9), are also great for infusing your night with optimal vibes. And while weed drinks deliver something similar to an edible high, they tend to be a little faster-acting and not quite as buzzy as your typical gummy or brownie.

The expanding world of CBD tea and coffee is promising for those who need a little morning pick-me-up. You'd think CBD's mild, calming effects clash with caffeine, but when added to coffee or tea, CBD can even things out and help reduce those post-coffee jitters and streamline mental focus. When you introduce your most chill pal CBD to your motivating bestie Mr. Coffee, you'll end up with the best of both relationships.