Banana Dream | 14grams


Banana Dream | 14grams

Chemical content
35.3 mg
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Set yourself up with an ample supply of flirty, floaty fun in Space Coyote's 1/4 ounce of Banana Dream. This cross of Banana Kush x Blue Dream is a psychotropic blend of creativity and heady euphoria, complemented by a creamy banana taste and aroma. Space Coyote weed is famously "for stoners, by stoners." If you're looking for something to send you to glorious hyperspace, look no further than this dreamy bud. 

Flavor and Aroma: Berry, Creamy, Banana

Reported Effects: Cerebral, Heady, Euphoric

About the Brand
Space Coyote

About Space Coyote

Space Coyote is all about potent infused joints rolled with quality cannabis. As seasoned connoisseurs, the Space Coyote team is out to end the days of mediocre pre-rolls and surface-level highs with joints they’d smoke themselves. That’s why they source only the best California concentrates from trusted hash houses and pair them with high-quality whole flower. All in a joint designed to help you reclaim the spice of life.

It all started with good cannabis and a great community. Space Coyote’s founders first came up with the idea after a magical night in Joshua Tree with good friends under the mystical gaze of a meteor shower. The profundity of a life well lived was discussed, and the idea for Space Coyote was born. Every Space Coyote product since then has been crafted as a worthy tribute to that night—celebrating the potency and flavor found in life’s greatest moments and in the world’s best cannabis.

The Space Coyote team landed on infused joints as their flagship product after years of rolling their own joints with a little sprinkle of kief or THCa crystals. In their eyes, most infused pre-rolls on the market weren’t living up to the homemade experience, often rolled with sub-par flower or cheaply dipped in distillate or kief.

Space Coyote offers Hash, Live Resin, and Diamond Infused Joints to counter the proliferation of mediocre-infused products. All three are rolled with high-quality cannabis and infused with delicious concentrates from trusted brands. Each Infused Joint package includes the extract maker’s logo, so you know you’re getting the best with every puff. And a proprietary infusion method ensures an even smoke with no hash clumps or runs. Every Space Coyote smoke is smooth, tasty, and joyful from beginning to end.

Product Types Offered

Space Coyote Hash Infused Joints: Rolled with ice water hash from legendary hash house Nasha Extracts. It may deliver a thick body high.

Available in 5-packs (0.5G per joint) and as 1G singles.

Space Coyote Live Resin Infused Joints: An infused pre-roll booming with sweet, floral aromas. It may deliver a clean, euphoric head buzz while relaxing the body.

Available in 5-packs (0.5G per joint) and as 1G singles.

Space Coyote Diamond Infused Joints: Includes THCa diamonds that boost potency you can feel almost immediately upon inhale. It may deliver an energetic, euphoric head-high, and tranquil body buzz.

Available in 5-packs (0.5G per joint) and as 1G singles.

Space Coyote Indoor Flower: New to the Space Coyote line. It is a high-quality, high-potency bagged flower, grown indoors and cultivated for tasty terpene profiles.

Available in 3.5G and 7G.

Space Coyote Poolside Hybrid Hash Joints: A limited drop collection with “daytime disco” dance-pop duo Poolside, infused with hash and crafted to deliver a “poolside glaze.”

Available in 5-packs (0.5G per joint) and as 1G singles.

Sativa Preservation Society: A line of legendary Sativa strains intended to preserve the true Sativa experience. It may deliver an exceptionally psychoactive head-high and energizing body buzz.

Available in 3.5G bags and 1G kief-infused single joints.

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