Berry Pie Sugar | 1gram


Berry Pie Sugar | 1gram

Chemical content
15.7 mg
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Berry Pie is a euphoric sativa with a sweet, blueberry waffle aroma and tart, fruity flavor. The strain's effects are reported to energize and uplift while delivering a comfortable, delightful head high. 

Flavor and Aroma: Sweet, Fruity, Berry

Reported Effects: Euphoric, Energized, Uplifted

About Cookies

Cookies was founded by cultivation expert Jai and entrepreneur Berner: two visionaries whose Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) genetics are one of the most beloved cannabis strains worldwide. From its early days in San Francisco, Cookies has expanded into a global phenomenon with its commitment to authenticity and innovative genetics. Cookies controls the production process from seed to sale and takes pride in its stellar line of in-house genetics and cannabis products. Join the Cookies lifestyle.

Product Types Offered

Cookies Flower: Indulge in premium, indoor-grown flower designed to provide the smoothest smoke and finest flavor possible.

Cookies Pre-rolls: Each joint contains Cookies’ premium flower, wrapped in hemp and topped with a glass tip.

Cookies Concentrates: Dabs designed to elevate and inspire, Cookies offers premium extracts from some of the most beloved strains on the market.

Cookies Vapes: Take your favorite strains on the go with premium oil and utter cannabis convenience, compatible with all 510-threaded batteries.

Cookies Tinctures: These flavorful tinctures are inspired by much-beloved strains and free from additives, sugar, and alcohol.

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