Blissful Rest 10-pk | 3.75grams


Blissful Rest 10-pk | 3.75grams

Chemical content
22.5 mg - 31.1 mg
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Garden Society’s delicately rolled Rosettes filled with whole flower cannabis. Their calming indica-hybrid strains provide relief from life’s aches and pains – both mental and physical! Enjoy one before bed for peaceful rest.

  • Whole flower, pre-rolled cannabis
  • Sungrown flower on premier farms in Sonoma and Mendocino County
  • Smaller size for individual use
  • Packaging keeps Rosettes fresh, and is recyclable
  • 3.75 g per pack, .375 per pre-roll
  • Available in a 10 pre-roll box or 2 pre-roll tube
Terpenes Profile
Caryophyllene - 0.3066%
Myrcene - 0.2364%
Humulene - 0.0719%
Pinene - 0.0715%
Limonene - 0.0259%

About Garden Society

Women-owned and dedicated to “bringing joy to women’s everyday lives,” Garden Society makes products aimed at facilitating a vital, seamless cannabis experience. For the canna-curious who want a comfortable introduction to the space, Garden Society offers a luxury product line of chocolates, gummies, and mini pre-rolls that can be easily integrated into daily life. 

Product Types Offered

To honor the variety of experiences that different cannabis strains can provide, Garden Society selects strains for their products that fall into one of three effect categories: Blissful Rest, Brighter Day, and Calm & Focus. 

GARDEN SOCIETY INFUSED CHOCOLATES: Luscious chocolates infused with indica or sativa cannabis strains to encourage a certain flavor of effect. Available in Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt (Blissful Rest), Spiced Dark Chocolate (Brighter Day) and Milk Chocolate with Chai (Calm & Focus) flavors. 

GARDEN SOCIETY ROSETTE PRE-ROLLS: Indica, sativa, and high-CBD pre-rolled mini-joints filled with whole-flower cannabis. 

GARDEN SOCIETY HASH-INFUSED ROSETTE PRE-ROLLS: 4 indica, sativa, and high-CBD pre-rolled, hash-infused mini-joints. 

GARDEN SOCIETY WINE COUNTRY GUMMIES: “Inspired by the delicious flavors of Wine Country,” these rapid-effect gummies are available in Tart Cherry Pinot Noir (Blissful Rest), Peach Prosecco (Brighter Day) and Sparkling Strawberry Rose (Calm & Focus) flavors. 

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License Verification

Bento Delivery is dedicated to working with only the highest quality, authentic brands in the cannabis industry. Bento Delivery partners with licensed cannabis companies that test their products with certified, third-party labs. Garden Society’s license number is C12-0000062-LIC. 


Where can I buy Garden Society products?

Garden Society pre-rolls and edibles are available in licensed dispensaries throughout the state of California. 

How does Garden Society source its cannabis and other ingredients?

Garden Society strives for uncompromising quality in all their products, which is why their hand-crafted pre-rolls and chocolates are sourced from operations with sustainable practices. 

Do all Garden Society edibles contain THC?

Yes, all Garden Society products contain THC, though pre-rolls and edibles of the Calm & Focus line contain more CBD than THC.


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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to